Our Services

Design, Build, Analyze.

Our Services

Design, Build, Analyze.

Our core services


At Tiggs we take a different approach than most agencies. We don’t complicate things. We focus on your goals and look to provide the right service to help you reach them.

Web Development

Static portfolio to dynamic 1 pager, our developers can create a multitude responsive experiences that will engage your audience and empower your brand.

App Development

Our bespoke native applications for IOS & Android mobile devices can ensure your business is a the top of it’s game. Our Developers will ensure top drawer user experience, compatibility and performance to make sure your app will achieve exactly what you want it to!


We deliver designs that create both meaningful and relevant experiences for users. Combining products, branding, usability and function.

Ecommerce Development

Our ecommerce solutions ensure your business stands out from the competition, providing a great user experience and encourages your customers to shop with you.

Software Development

We build more than just websites. Our developers create applications and systems that help your business, whether that’s a customer-facing portal or an internal app to better manage processes.

Hand us your toughest challenges

Looking for a custom software or mobile solution? With over a decade of software development experience, we will work with you to create solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Get solutions that let you scale

Business growing? not sure what you need right now? Thats fine, we work with you to ensure our solutions scale to what you need not only now but looking forward to that potential.

A seamless experience

Web, App or mobile? Doesn’t matter!

All of our solutions seamlessly and effortlessly span across your users devices, offering a seamless experience.